We provide our clients with personal, need-based, trustworthy and professional internal control, risk management, audit, legal and other consulting and advisory services that take into account the global business, economic and security environment
We offer comprehensive solutions in the areas of IS and cyber security, money laundering and TR prevention, ICT, communications and information security and other areas requiring increased due diligence.

We provide comprehensive support for the security of your business and management processes, and the entire business environment, including management of business process, personnel, financial and operational risks.

The most important value to us is – the CLIENT – his wishes, interests and satisfaction!

We advise and provide practical assistance to our clients globally, the main target markets today are the European Union, the Baltic States and the Baltic Sea region in particular.
In the field of consulting and advisory services today, we primarily serve small and medium-sized businesses, organizations and institutions. At the same time, we have very good long-term corporate clients, both private and public, based on narrow services.