Our passion and strength is risk management … which is critically important
for your business success!

We value the interests of our partners and
we are dedicated to customer satisfaction and trust.

We provide professional services and practical assistance globally.


Finesto Advisors and our co-operation partners offer specialized and project-based services and consultations in the following areas:


Risk Management Framework Consultation. Developing a risk management strategy. Advising on risk mitigation, risk system creation and risk management process. Advising the risk management process and risk system Establishing. Organizational culture development Consultation.

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We provide legal services to protect the commercial and proprietary rights and interests of a client. With case-by-case investigations, we guarantee the gathering of evidence and primary legal protection.  To provide legal certainty, we provide legal assessments, legal acts and contracts. Corporate legal support. Legal actions and case studys.

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To ensure business and business continuity, we arrange security and protection of your property, services / goods, physical protection as well as technical security and protection systems including IS / ICT and cyber security. Information and InfoSec risk management governance.

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We advise and co-ordinate the establishment of the internal control system of the company / institution, including analyzing and providing appropriate methodology, guide development and implementation. We draw up the rules of procedure and internal procedures, carry out ex ante and ex post evaluations and check compliance.

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The internal audit service includes auditing various lines of defense, including the assessment of the efficiency and compliance of the internal control system and the management / governance process and financial control system. We ensure compliance checks of activities and carry out needs-based specific checks.

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We regularly organize high-level conferences, seminars and workshops on the basis of our services and activities, both national and international. In addition, we provide specific training and practical training for our clients. We offer our clients and partners a full event management service.

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We promote private and public sector co-operation in various fields of co-operation: we organize both national and international information exchange and co-ordination of service-based co-operation projects. We contribute with experience and best knowledge to the security and economic environment of a safe and legally secure country.

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About us company

FINESTO Plc. business name FINESTO ADVISORS was founded and started business activities in 2015 December.

We provide comprehensive support for the security of your business and management processes, and the entire business environment, including business risk management process, personnel-, financial- and operational risks controls.

We have very good experienced and commited to provide wide range background checks services.
Our co-operation network includes trustable experienced professionals and institutions both from private and public sector, allowing thereby to provide the best special and project-based services for our best clients and corporate customers need.

We advise and provide practical assistance to our clients globally, the main target markets today are the European Union, the Baltic States and the Baltic Sea region in particular.

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